How to install python modules under your cPanel Hosting account from SSH?

You can install the python modules using SSH:

1.) First off, you need to create virtual environment (virtualenv) in your account;


2.) Once the virtual environment is established, the required python modules can be installed through SSH. For this;

SSH into your server and navigate to /home/your_username/virtualenv/your_app_name/2.7/bin/ (Your virtual environment path) and for installing any package, run the following command:

./pip install modulename

Note: Replace "your_username" and "your_app_namein the above command with your cPanel's account 'username' and your desired python 'application name'. 

3.) After installation, it's required to enable/ add those modules from cPanel Interface.

a.) Go to 'Setup Python App' in cPanel;

b.) Setup 'New Application' (if it's not already);

c.) Add these packages to the list under your 'Existing Application' and then click update;

If you see error messages while trying to add the modules/ packages here, it's likely they will have to be installed manually using pip first (as discussed above in 2nd step). 




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