How to Backing Up the Account and Website in Plesk

To back up all data related to your account and all your subscriptions:

To back up data related to your account and websites, go to Account Back Up Websites.

you can choose to back up:

  • Only settings of websites, without data.

    Select Domain configuration.

  • All settings and data except for mail accounts and messages in mailboxes.

    Select Domain configuration and User files and databases.

  • All settings and data including mail accounts and messages in mailboxes.

    Select Domain configuration, Mail configuration and content, and User files and databases.

  • Only mail accounts and messages.

    Select Domain configuration and Mail configuration and content.

Whether to make a full or an incremental backup (Type).
  • To backup all data, select Full.

    A full backup can include either configuration or configuration and content, depending on what you selected in Back up.

  • To back up only the changes made since the time of the previous backup, select Incremental.

    Incremental backups always contain configuration with content, including databases. Database-related content is included in full, while web and mail related content is backed up incrementally. If no backups have been created yet, the first backup will be a full backup.

  • Email notification on backup completion. If you want to be notified of the backup completion, type your email address.

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