Requirements to Update Contact Details for .CN domain

The holder of a .CN domain is no longer subject to any local presence restrictions and in order to update the domain into your own details the .CN registry will simply require some supporting documentation:

REGISTERED BUSINESSES are required to provide the following supporting documentation:

- Scanned copy of the Registrant’s business certificate (only .jpg file is accepted,
file size cannot exceed 500KB);    

INDIVIDUALS are now eligible to hold .CN names and are required to provide the
following documentation:

- Scanned copy of registrant’s  driver’s license, passport, national ID, or any
other form of authorized identification ( must be a .JPG file and cannot exceed
500KB. )

The documents must correspond to the registrant contact you have assigned to the
domain from your account with us. Please check to ensure this contact is correct; a
new contact profile can be created and assigned from your account if needed.

Please ensure the documents are provided in the format specified by CNNIC to avoid
unnecessary delays in document processing. The documents can be sent in attachment
in response to this message.

For any further assistance please contact our Temok support, we are available 24/7 and 365

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