Requirements for domain registration/ domain transfer for .RU domain?

Firstly, you need to place the domain transfer order;

.RU TLD is restricted to local presence. However .RU.COM is not restricted.

You need to provide the following additional details about the Registrant Contact:

  • For Individual: If you select the Contact Type as Individual, then you need to provide the following details as well:
    • Registrant's Name (preferably in Russian)
    • Passport Information: This needs to include the Document number, Issued by, Issued Date of the Passport.
    • Birth Date: This needs to be entered as a numeric value in DD.MM.YYYY format.


  • For Organization: If you select the Contact Type as Organization, then you need to provide the following details as well:
    • Legal Address: This needs to include a minimum of 2 words. This indicates the place of incorporation, including Country of incorporation of the Organization.


New York, U.S.A.

  • Taxpayer Identification Number (code): This is a 10 digit number and is mandatory for Organizations incorporated in Russia.
  • Territory-linked Taxpayer Number (kpp): This is the Territory-linked Taxpayer number. This is a 9 digit number and is mandatory for Organizations incorporated in Russia.
  • Full Company Name: This is the legally registered company name, as mentioned in the Company Formation documents.

If you don’t have local presence, let us know at, we offer local presence.


Domain Transfer Process:

In order to successfully transfer your domain to our services, you will be required to login to your NIC/D account at the RU centre via the following link:

Once logged in, click on the “Change partner” link under the “Forms” heading, and enter 4123/NIC-REG as the Partner contract number.

Please note that we will become the partner for all .RU domains under your administration. You can check which domains are under your administration by
clicking on the “My Domains” link under the “Services” heading in the main menu.

Update: A new procedure requires auth-code. If the transfer was not completed before 30th of August then the customer needs to contact loosing Registrar and ask for auth-code.

Once the Partner contract has been successfully changed, please open support ticket and we will complete the transfer process.




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