What is the transfer process for .MD TLD?

The transfer process for .MD domain may vary by region.

To transfer .MD domain, the current registrant/owner needs to send an email with a signed request to support@nic.md requesting to transfer the domain from the current holding account to ours i.e. Instra Corporation - mdepp@instra.com

You may need to provide the letter to your loosing registrar. Sending the signed letter on your Current Registrant Letterhead would be enough.

With regards to the content of the letter, there is no fixed template, the letter could simply contain the following text:

Hello NIC.MD,

We/I, domain current registrant/ owner, request that (yourdomain.md) be transferred from the management of [insert current registrar here] to Instra Corporation, mdepp@instra.com.

[Insert signatory name here]

If you have not already done so, talking to the current registrar regarding transfer out will likely be needed, as the current registrar handle/account needs to be specified.

Please advise at support@temok.com or sales@temok.com once the email has been sent, so that we can follow up with nic.md to complete the transfer process.




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