Is authcode required to transfer .RU TLD?

.RU domains do not have an authcode.

Once the transfer for this extension is submitted, you will receive email instructions similar to the below,

**In order to proceed with the transfer of your .RU domain we require you to inform the Registrar, maintaining your domains, about your decision to transfer domain maintenance to RU-CENTER, which is our .RU domain provider.
Once these steps are completed please reply back to this email and we will complete the transfer process.
If you have any doubts regarding the transfer process or the status of your transfer please similarly reply to this email or contact our support team and we will be happy to clarify.**

Once this step has been completed, the transfer will be finalised.

Update: A new procedure requires auth-code. If the transfer was not completed before 30th of August then the customer needs to contact loosing Registrar and ask for auth-code.

For more details, please read this article: Requirements for domain registration/ domain transfer for .RU domain?


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