How do i update my cpanel vps from ssh?

Updating the cPanel VPS software that is being run on your sever is extremely important to ensure its secure. This goes for both the core operating system, and the cPanel software that is being run on it. Simply follow the instructions mentioned below and you will be able to easily and quickly update your cPanel VPS.

  • Login to SSH cPanel Server (The login information is the same as logging into WHM)
  • Upon login, run the following command to update the cPanel installation:

    # yum update
    # /scripts/updatecp

  • Once this is completed, your cPanel VPS should be fully updated, and ready for its next adventure.

Please note, that if you close the SSH connection to your cPanel VPS server, that it will timeout and more than likely not be fully updated, so its important that you keep your cPanel VPS SSH window open until the update fully completes.

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