How do i modify a cpanel account's disk quota?

Updating the cPanel VPS quota is very easy, you can do this directly from the WHM of your cPanel VPS server. Simply follow the step-by-step directions outlined below on your cPanel VPS server:

  • Login to the WHM on your cPanel VPS (Use the login information in your welcome email).
  • Click the "Quota Modification" link under the heading "Account Functions".
  • Select a domain or a user and click the "Modify" button in the bottom of the page.
  • Enter the new quota amount in the "Quota" field and click on the "Change".

Congratulations, the new settings have been applied onto your cPanel VPS web hosting account. 

If the settings, have not been applied, this generally means that your cPanel VPS server doesn't have quota support enabled, which needs to be enabled prior to doing this again.

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