How to uninstall CloudLinux and CageFS

Please make sure to remove CageFS before attempting Cloudlinux uninstallation.
Below command will disable and remove all directories for CageFS:
#/usr/sbin/cagefsctl –remove-all

Remove the CageFS RPM from the system:
# yum remove cagefs

Remove ClouldLinux from your server with deploy script from CloudLinux developer:
# wget -O cldeploy
# sh cldeploy -c

Their script will remove CloudLinux kernel and restore to CentOS kernel. Use below command to install kernel of your chioce:
# yum install kernel-{build}

Reboot the server to apply changes. Please make sure boot sequence is correct. You can verify by opening the grub boot loader configuration.
i.e. default=0. In the grub.conf the order going down the kernel list is 0, 1, 2, etc. So, ensure that if the default is configured to 0, then the first ‘title…’ is the latest kernel.

# nano /etc/grub.conf with an editor and check that the ‘default=’ value is set to the up to date kernel.

Reboot server.
To verify which kernel is loaded after reboot, run below command.

# uname -r

If it return correct value. congratulates your server has been successfully reverted back to original OS. If you face any difficulty, please contact CloudLinux support.
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