How to Suspending/Unsuspending Account in WHM admin panel?

To suspend an account:

  1.     Log into WHM.
  2.     In left side menu, find Account Functions.
  3.     Under Account Functions, click Manage Account Suspension.
  4.     Select the primary domain or username of the account(s) you wish to suspend.
  5.     In the Reason field, you can provide a reason for suspending the account.
  6.     Click Suspend.


To unsuspend an account:


  1.    Log into WHM.
  2.    In the left side menu, find Account Information.
  3.    Under Account Information, click List Suspended Accounts. 
  4.    You will see a list of suspended accounts.
  5.    Next to the account you wish to suspend, click Unsuspend.

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